The Haiti Blog Challenge was kick started by Kelly Diels of the Cleavage site. It was inspired by a tweet she received from Danielle LaPorte of White Hot Truth who had offered to donate “a full Fire Starter Session fee ($300) to Haiti causes to 1st person who books in and pays today…Please RT”

Basically the challenge is a way for bloggers to exchange their goods and services to aid Haiti Relief.

This is my musing and offering:

While money is a needed commodity to get things done in Haiti, my concerns have been for the people and the circumstances that are beyond reach of organized help. These people need miracles.

For every person who tweets this article, and for every 1 word that is left as a comment on this post I will sit in prayer for 1 minute for the people of Haiti and their recovery for the highest good. And if you and your prayer group/church/family feel moved to check how many minutes I am sitting in prayer, and want to join me, please let me know, so we can amplify the power of the prayer.

Thank you, and kudos to Kelley for inspiring me to action. For bloggers who want to get involved in the challenge, visit Kelley or Danielle’s site for details.


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