After a series of public hearings with the Burbank City Council, opponents of the proposed Burbank Walmart have turned to their last resort. Three Burbank residents are suing the city for allegedly illegally issuing permits to Walmart.

“My clients are very concerned about whether Walmart is good for Burbank,” Gideon Kracov, who is representing the residents, told The Huffington Post. “They believe that Walmart must follow the same rules as everyone else. The lawsuit alleges that Walmart got special treatment from the city concerning traffic and parking in this very congested part of Burbank.”

Kracov explained that, “The lawsuit alleges that the city cannot rely on the old environmental review because the city failed to implement the traffic mitigations that were required under that review.” He added, “The lawsuit also alleges that the ten-year-old environmental review is stale and never considered the impacts of a Walmart with grocery.” The more than 30,000 square-foot grocery area that is a part of the proposed Walmart would increase traffic and threaten surrounding grocers, according to the lawsuit.

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